Acoustic percussive guitar exploring the multi-textural rhythms of the Indian, Afro/Cubano, and Celtic table to the straightforward, yet complex, harmonic layering of melodic composition

Keith Lykins is a composer, performer, recording artist, writer and inventor located in the American Midwest. A Bacherlors Degree in Classical Guitar Performance as well as advanced studies in composition, orchestration and ethnomusicology provided the foundation which allowed him to further launch upon a continuing journey dedicated to the exploration of international music and to become a trail blazer in the world of guitar.

He encompasses aspects of music from the lurid, intoxicating deltas of the deep American South to the sultry driving beats found in the all-night coffee houses of Madrid. From the delicate harmonies of the Irish Coast to the intricate melodies of the arid Sudan, Egypt’s Nile Valley and Afghani mountain ranges. Winnowing Arabic maqams to East Indian Hindustani Ragas, he combines unexpected nuances from around the globe to create an epic and novel experience.

His guitar work combined with acoustic percussive techniques, at times a maelstrom of sound and texture, at times delicate tapestries of woven emotion and imagery is always pinpoint, accurate and thoughtful. His voice possesses a deep, rich, urban bluesy quality, evocative of experiences captured and lives lived. Whether performing cover songs or original music, he combines these three elements which evoke the sum of more than the parts, creating worlds apart from every day experience. Keith’s masterful use of the 9 String Drum Guitar or DAGR-9 which he invented and patented, has astounded and thrilled audiences since its introduction in 2010.

It has been said that good lyrics don’t describe emotions, they create them. Keith does just this, evoking familiar and unfamiliar emotional landscapes. Demonstrating a familiarity and knowing of this world and places unseen.

Keith continues to perform as well as explore and develop musically in the Midwest and elsewhere. He is available for Residencies, Clinics, Workshops and Lecture/Demonstrations regarding his compositional and technical approaches to the guitar. To book him, click here.

Music, Teachings, and Enlightenment
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