Guitar Around The World

Eaton Library, Eaton, Ohio, 301 N Barron St, , Eaton, OH 45320

Experience the guitar as you never have. For those obsessed with or just interested in the guitar. For music enthusiasts and historians alike. An international tour in song and speech. This presentation unfolds the ancestry, evolution and development of the guitar across continents and over centuries. From it’s surprising roots to it’s eventual migration to Southern Spain, The Americas, and the world today, the guitar has fascinated music lovers for centuries. Keith Lykins will exhibit the role that the guitar and some of it’s ancestors have played throughout the ages, it’s cultural and artistic influences and how the guitar has changed over time due to the culture surrounding it. Enjoy an evening of music from centuries-old Eastern Europe, Flamenco Guitar, Classical Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar and even a little Rock and Roll.