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S.E.E.D. stands for Student Enhancement and Energy Development.

A few years ago when Keith was more heavily involved in training in and teaching Kung Fu, he wrote a self-help book in conjunction with his teacher.  S.E.E.D. is a FOCUS Program Therapy Manual in which a series of programs utilizing Kung Fu crossover techniques, breathing, Tai’ Chi based warm-ups, eye tracking and cognitive behavioral exercises enhance awareness, presence, general clarity and well being.  This manual has been used for adolescents with AD/HD as well as individuals in recovery for Drug and Alcohol dependence with proven results and success.


Product Description

Focus Exercise #1

Do this right now. Even if you don’t buy this book, never think about it again, it will
benefit you.

Breathe in through your nose counting slowly to five as you let the air lift your chest cavity. Allow your lungs to fill completely.

Cradle this breath inside your chest for several seconds. Relish it. Breathing is the basis of all internal training. Breath is the basis of all energy, of all life. Use your breath as a tool.

Breathe out through your mouth, counting slowly to five. Let your breath settle as a leaf that falls onto the forest floor.

When you have released all of your breath, push out just a bit more air, emptying your lungs completely.

You can place your palm on your stomach. As you push the air out as if to cough, you will feel your abdominal muscles tense slightly and your stomach pull in. This is very important. When you empty your lungs completely you allow them to fill completely with fresh, clean air. In order for a vessel to be filled with fresh, clean water, it must first be empty.

Now, close your eyes and focus only on breathing and counting. Count to five as you breathe in, hold for several seconds, then count to five as you breathe out.

Focus only on breathing and counting. Close your eyes and perform the breathing and counting for several minutes then open your eyes.

Notice what is around you visually. Become aware of the sounds, smells. Note how your clothing feels against your skin, the temperature, humidity.

You will be surprised by what you notice.